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Defining myself is not an easy task. How could I possibly describe myself in a few words? (I have tried it on my business card though 😉

I am an inspired person. A creative mind. A dancing soul.

As for my profession, I have studied arts and graphics design in high school, media science and philosophy in the university. I have been dancing since I am eight and I love to share my passion for movement, rhythm and different cultures with people. I love to work with groups. With groups where there is trust, opened hearts and synergies.

I am inspired by colours and shapes. By unexpected encounters and by stories – by joyful stories and by sad stories. By beautiful stories. By weird stories. By stories of lives. Unique and unrepeatable lives.

I put my inspiration into drawings and paintings. Into colours and into words. Into movement and choreography. Into photographs and collages. Sometimes into poetry.

I love the colours of autumn leaves and the lights of that season. I love the steam above a cup of tea and the sunshine reflected on the surface of it. I love to wonder around in the city and observe the unique details, discover hidden treasures. And I love to go into the forest to breath and reconnect with Life.

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